Cotton-Tea | About Us

Hi there! Cotton-Tea™ is a southern apparel brand. Our company was born in “The Birthplace of Sweet Tea” just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, at the crossroads of country and coastal living.

Cotton-Tea™ is the vision of a veteran and his amazing wife. Just as us, every individual has cherished experiences and fond memories from years gone by. For us, it was through our experiences of living in various states and traveling the nation, where we gained a deep appreciation for the pursuit of outdoor adventure, wildlife, and the unique charm of southern coastal living.

Our brand is about cherishing old memories from years gone by and making new ones for years to come. Whether it’s a crisp fall evening with friends over freshly steamed oysters, a favorite fishing spot, camping with friends, a sunny day at the beach, or the sights and sounds of a country night sky filled with countless stars.

For whatever inspires….

Cotton with a splash of Tea™” simply represents, your life filled with fun.