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Can Fishn' Blues T-Shirt

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A twist to the most popular design! The short sleeve soft cotton Can Fishn' Blues t-shirt will make you say um yep, I did that or dang that one got away! You will have a good laugh with your friends when you tell the story of how you caught the big one! The Can Fishin' Blues design is set to show the a unique use of a can when you are missing a lure with nothing else around but the sea, a boat, friends and an empty can. Hey, you don't want to waste a good boating trip for nothin'! So, how do you wear your "Cotton with a splash of Tea™"?  


* Can Fishn' Blues Design

* 100% Cotton

* Soft T-Shirt for Added Comfort

* Pre-Shrunk

* Unisex Fit

* Cotton-Tea™ Front Logo Design

* Printed in the USA!